Fitness Entrepreneur Jessi Jimenez Innovates With New Ventures.

Every little step leads to big goals.

Fitness entrepreneur Jessi Jimenez exemplifies what determination can accomplish.

Since childhood she has been a person with vision and big goals. Since I was little, I have been striving every day to take those small steps that in the end have become goals achieved... at the same time building myself mentally and physically.

“I realized that the path to a healthy life makes you improve not only in the physical aspect, it is a mental and psychological balance... that influences your whole life.”-Jimenez states.

It is not easy to achieve a change of lifestyle, but every change takes a process that includes discipline and perseverance... in the end, when you manage to overcome that, you can achieve many more things with that mental strength.

Jessi knows how difficult it can be to improve your eating habits and that is why today she offers you products that are substitutes for junk food and healthy food in her “Snackfit” store.

When discussing what the store will offer, Jessi told us:

We will offer healthy substitutes for junk food...snacks that are easy to eat and transport anywhere.

Low-calorie desserts but with the same quality in flavor. (Cookies, chips, popcorn, dressings, etc.) 100% natural juices without sugar.

It is practically a healthy mini market.

The idea was born because we want to demonstrate that in order to have a healthy lifestyle it is not necessary to restrict yourself, simply knowing how to choose and what type of products to consume.

Currently, due to the pandemic, many people seek to improve their health because it is important to have high defenses to counteract the virus and the best way to do this is to have a lifestyle that involves eating well and staying active, and Snackfit can help you with this.

Through entrepreneurship and dedication Jimenez embodies her own personal philosophy:

“Enrich the world and leave your mark with your passion”