Emily Guglielmo: October is one of my favorite months of the year…

Written by Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Why do you ask? Well it’s the beginning of fall, which is the beginning of a new season which is the beginning of “ change “ and I feel that the only thing constant in this world is change...

I love the change of the weather, the change of the clothes that we can wear , the change of the leaves and the colors… I just feel it’s the beginning of a new chapter!

Can you agree?

So what are you going to change about yourself? To become a better you, a better version of you…You 2.0!?

Is it going to be that you start working out again ? Eating healthy ? Saving for that dream car ?

Message me on Instagram and let me know what you´re striving to change....

Because again, The only thing in this world that’s constant is change... and change requires activeness!

I love Halloween for the sake that you can dress up one day out of the year and become anything and anyone that you want to be and not get ridiculed for it.

So for Halloween, what are you gonna be this year?

As for me, I’m not quite sure but I better get on it since it’s only a few weeks away!

Here’s a link to check out my Halloween/Fall makeup look in details how I break down my makeup look with my Cosmetic Line ~

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