The French-girl Bob is The Trés Chic New Style To Try

Isolation, having provided a rare opportunity for extensive reflection, has triggered many a realisation.

One such realisation we've come to as a result of the enforced alone time (and interminable video chats often spent assessing one's own appearance) is that a hair change, and a drastic one at that, is highly necessary before our return to the real world.

This is where the French-girl bob enters the equation; after all, what better way to update your aesthetic than with a style endorsed by the chicest nation of all?

But while the traditional Parisian guise always involved long layers and a dishevelled 'too-cool-to-care' texture, the latest trend to come out of France is all about losing the length in favour of a shorter, sharper, chicer chop—and the results are remarkable.

As opposed to the more classic short style previously popularised by Parisians (a bob teamed with brow-skimming bangs), the fresher form allows for a little more creative license.

Not too thrilled by the idea of foraying into fringe territory? No problem. Whether you opt for full bangs, a side swept fringe or a look free of face-framing pieces entirely is completely your call.

Rather, the defining factors of the 2020 French-girl bob exist in the forms of the length (just above the jaw is best), the texture (the latest crop of chop inspiration favours a smoother finish), and the shape (the style looks chicest when curved inwards at ends).

A modern, modish way to frame the face, the French-girl bob also works wonders for bone structure, enhancing the sharpness of the cheekbones and jawline; a benefit always welcome (as is the drastically reduced blow-drying time that comes with a short style).

Fittingly, the chic chop also happens to look particularly divine when paired with a beret. Quite a coup.