Thomas Herd´s T1 Advertising Becomes Global Authority In Beauty And Lifestyle Marketing

For a highly driven and knowledgeable popular culture architect such as Thomas Herd, CEO of T1 Advertising – one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the world, with offices in Beverly Hills, Miami, Monaco and New York City – and an accomplished columnist in over 80 of the planet´s top publications, crafting game-changing strategies for his clients has become a way of life.

Thomas and his firm have successfully designed, implemented and consolidated hundreds of campaigns around the globe, with a noteworthy ability to dramatically increase his clients´ brand relevance profile by tapping into the inflection points of modern luxury consumers with unparalleled effectiveness.

Not only is Mr. Herd a distinguished member of the Forbes Business Council, but he has also represented a myriad of high profile beauty and lifestyle brands such as: L´Oreal, Primark, Pretty Little Thing, Bebe, LVMH and Prada just to name a few.

By leveraging his firm´s superior understanding of major underlying consumer trends and developing a proven scientific methodology to maximize the reach and impact of each campaign launched, Thomas Herd has effectively become a global authority in up-scale beauty and lifestyle marketing.

A fluent French speaker, passionate poetry writer and pragmatic business leader, Herd, is a living example of a new generation of key global players that have been re-shaping the face of multi billion dollar industries.

With the recent launch of T1 Advertising´s Miami offices, the company behind some of the most visible brand success stories in recent times is setting itself up for complete bi-coastal domination, offering clients the resources needed to thrive in an unstable economic environment.