Why Emily Alexandra Cosmetics Is Our Top Beauty Pick For 2020

In a metaphorical ocean of appealing beauty brands available in the market today, a mermaid such as yourself might feel a little confused, the good news is that when making an informed choice seems like an impossible task, we´ve got you covered!

When searching for the ideal beauty brand, most of us look for something that we can feel identified with – of course, product quality is paramount, but above all, we need to feel like the brand is speaking to who we really are. And when we actively search for beauty and purpose, we find the best option for our selective lifestyle.

When you absolutely need to look your best, but also feel your best because your beauty choices are directly aligned with who you are at your core, you go out of your way to find something truly special.

Such is the case of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, a fun and ocean-friendly label that has become the it factor of the season, thanks to its colorful and delightful selection of beauty products that will bring out your inner mermaid.

The brand founder and chief beauty executive, nationally recognized model, actress and wellness muse Emily Alexandra Guglielmo did not only set out to create a superior range of beauty products, she also believes that giving back is essential to long term success, and through her charitable organization (Supporting Water) she has been able to contribute to better living conditions for the less fortunate.

Better known as The American Mermaid, Ms. Guglielmo has effectively created a global brand that is synonymous with beauty, show business and celebrity culture, but also with conscious consumerism and charitable endeavors. Ms. Guglielmo granted us an interview, in order to further understand her drive and vision:

How did you decide to create and launch Emily Alexandra Cosmetics?

The idea of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics stemmed from me becoming a Professional Globally known Mermaid.... throughout my years doing events and shoots all over and in all types of bodies of water, It was then that idea came about for me to create a cosmetics line that not only was good for your skin, but safe for the coral reefs as well..... So in Nov 2018 ~ My idea finally came to fruition and I launched the brand !

Which are your favorite products from the collection and why?

I would have to say, my personal top favorites are:
  • The Younicorn-on-the-go palette ~ Since its a full kit all in 1
  • All Makeup Brushes ~ They are perfectly shaped so you have an amazing variety of brush angles to create that perfect look.
  • The Face & Body Jewels ~ They make such a statement for any occasion.

We know your brand is ocean friendly, can you share with our readers the nature of your love for the ocean?

Every Since I was a little girl, my father would take me to the beach every weekend! I was naturally a born-mermaid. I feel the ocean carries some sort of magical force and can heal you just by being there... In order to keep our oceans safe and clean, we must start with ourselves in our everyday lives... and we all wear makeup daily :)

What have been some of the challenges you´ve had to overcome in order to consolidate your brand?

I have had to look at some of my products and decide which items are not popular in the mainstream, and what are the latest trends...
I decided to create a beautiful mascara line with colors that no other brands have ever created... so in part, I am creating a trend that has not yet been introduced as well.... I truly learn something new everyday in this journey!

What are your main goals for the brand in 2020?

2020 is all about Brand Awareness, Re-Branding our social media, and getting into Big Box retailers.