Kylie Jenner's Mascara Trick for Bottom Lashes is So Genius

Most of us reach for the same black mascara day after day without ever considering another color—not even brown. Kylie Jenner is about to change that. In a video she uploaded to YouTube, Jenner stepped in as a makeup artist for her sister Kim Kardashian West. The Skims and KKW Beauty mogul was the one to drop the genius mascara trick she learned from her little sister during the tutorial.

"I am going to try Kylie's trick of brown mascara on the bottom," says Kardashian West in the video above. "What an interesting trick. I don't think I will like it." It's worth noting that Kylie Cosmetics does not currently make a mascara, though it's probably in the works. In the video, Jenner hands her sister a tube of Dior's Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in brown. KKW Beauty just brought back its sold-out $18 mascara formula, but it only comes in black.

"You use the curled part, it shapes to your situation," Jenner tells Kardashian West, noting the Dior mascara's unique curled wand. The shape of the wand perfectly fits along the bottom lashline, and the brown shade is decidedly less harsh and severe than a traditional black. If you're constantly battling runny mascara on your bottom lashes, try Jenner's trick and switch to a lighter and softer brown.

"My dad used to always walk by me and he would be like, 'Kimberly, can you close your mouth when you put mascara on?'" Kardashian West recalls in the tutorial. "He would say, 'I bet you there are two things you can't do in life. Close your mouth when you are putting on mascara, and walk by a mirror without looking in it.'"