Written by Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

My name is Emily Alexandra Guglielmo and I am known as The American Mermaid.

I decided to become a professional Mermaid back in 2012… I feel I have always been a mermaid at heart especially growing up as a young girl going to the beach every weekend with my dad along with my sister and all my friends on the cul-de-sac. When I decided to take on the idea of becoming a professional mermaid, my life took on new meaning ...

It gave my life extreme purpose and fulfillment to be a professional mermaid. I started doing events all over the country for all different sorts of things.

I quickly noticed my make-up would always come off and that’s when the idea came to fruition, however, it wasn’t until years and years later that I decided to fully pursue my cosmetic line. Today I am the proud owner of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics where I create make-up and beauty products that are vegan, cruelty-free, ocean-friendly and water-resistant! I am starting to put coral reef safe SPF in all my products now as well !!!

This planet we call Earth is in quite a hiccup that has done a complete global shift in history......and all I keep thinking of is :

WOW ! This is madness!

I would’ve never thought that I would live to experience such things that we’re going through today from the pandemic to the rioting for true change from the death of George Floyd... it seems to me that almost nothing is certain these days and it definitely tells me that the only thing in this life that’s constant is “Change ”..

So I’ve made it in my mission to make sure that I am 100% present all the time in all aspects of my life ( or at least I work hard at it everyday ) and I’ve noticed that when I put on make up I feel and embody presentness and assertion. I noticed that I not only feel good about myself, but I truly listen when I’m talking to people as well as paying attention when I’m working, reading, etc. It’s amazing how just a little bit of make up will change your whole Paradym shift in how you’re thinking and feeling.....And I have to say , I am so incredibly greatful and proud to have my own column each month now in Elite Beauty News... I never would have imagined this a couple years ago and now look :)

Great things truly come to you if you work hard at it… I don’t want to write too much sense this is my first column, but I will leave you with this… No matter what you’re going through right now just know we ALL are going through it together. It may not be at the same time but we’ve either gone through it before or we’re going to go through it as well ~ we are all human beings and we all go through the same life situations and obstacles.

Never be too hard on yourself and remember…

A little make up never hurt nobody!

True beauty is often exemplified not only by physical characteristics, but rather by the emotional and mental resilience that people who triumph in life are obligated to develop if they wish to achieve their dreams.

Without a doubt, one of the most riveting and compelling success stories to come out of the modern pop culture landscape is that of the young and accomplished model, content creator and artist Victoria Myers. After fearlessly escaping from the religious cult she was born into, Victoria decided to bare all and express her suppressed identity through a myriad of art forms.

After overcoming the obstacles in her way, Ms. Myers has accomplished what many thought was impossible: to launch successful parallel careers in modeling, social media, abstract contemporary art, and ceramics. Too much to contain in short form content alone, she even launched her own podcast to inspire listeners and has already been receiving invites from celebrities such as Sammy Adams and business leaders such as Antony Gordon.

Today she stands as a beacon of inspiration for countless young women around the world who overcome a myriad of challenges and remain steadfast in their resolve to become who they were meant to be.

The twenty-year-old California born bombshell has captivated the fashion world as a new generation looks to emulate iconic independent women like Jessica, who make self-empowerment a part of their daily lives.

For her, acting and modeling were always her main goals. Inspired by her mother and encouraged by those who know her best, the young and vivacious woman took a chance and decided to go forth in pursuit of her biggest dreams.

We decided to get to know her, as part of a casual conversation; Here´s what she had to say:

What would you say sets you apart as an actress and model?

I would say what sets me apart is my drive and determination. When I want something I’ve got to get it and will try my hardest to achieve my goals!

Who are your role models? People that inspired you to follow your dreams.

My biggest role model is my mom. My mother was a model/ actress and still is in the business today. My parents have always supported me and encouraged me to do what makes me happy and follow my dreams all the way.

Is there any particular project or campaign you’ve worked on that stands out?

All projects are special to me that I’m super grateful but there is one campaign that hasn’t come out yet but I got to rock purple hair for that which was awesome!

Can you share any beauty tips with our readers?

Yes! I’ve been obsessed with Cindy Crawford’s meaningful beauty skincare line. I use her skin softening cleanser, anti aging day crème with SPF 30 and her lifting eye cream! Then at night I use her night cream with melon extract and retinol! Another favorite product of mine is babe lash’s eyelash essential serum, it works wonders for eyelashes!